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Officially established in 2011 with more than 5 years experiences in the market, Redbox Studio specializes in 3D Architectural Animation, 3D Architectural Visualization, Architectural Design and Printing Design.

The saying “ An image is worth a thousand words” is really true, because it takes a lot of time and effort to describing something which’s still on paper, and even harder to convince people about it. We offer to you full solution to solve the problem by making the imagination becomes real using 3D technology. We help to visualize buildings, landscapes, interiors, exteriors as though it were already built. The project, the building, the house, or even the design you want to sell to customer will appear as if it really is with our “state-of-the-art” technology and our talented people. The employment of both still and animation 3D-graphics is a promising commercial solution for attracting investments and getting a good profit from project sale.

Our commitment is never stop trying to make you satisfy with our quality and out-standing customer service.

The range of our services includes the following:

  • Architectural Visualization (movie/walkthrough/flythrough)
  • Architectural Animation (still image/perspective)
  • Real estate TVC commercial
  • Printing Design ( corporate identity/brochure)

Architectural Visualization

Most of the time real estate projects are launched, advertised or even sold before completion. Where to find the materials for website, brochure design, or advertisements, etc? How to convince customers to buy your products when they are still at the very early step in development process? Architectural visualization is a key tool that really works in this case. We firstly complete 3D constructive models; following render and use Photoshop to make vivid perspectives of your projects. Good images will make your presentation realistic and persuasive. Architectural visualization, therefore, is both art and advanced commercial offer. It helps promote your project and raise investments. In addition, it is also helpful in securing permission from Urban Design Panel and Resource Consent.

Architectural Animation

Did you ever watch a film then screaming/ shouting “I wish I could live there”? Our aim is to sow the same feeling in the audiences who watch our movie. Architectural Animation is putting your future project in the existing context, so that they go well with each other. A villa near a beautiful lake, a new shopping center in middle of a crowded street replacing the existing old deteriorated building, or a new developed urban area with a large garden near the city? Sometimes it is necessary to let people foresee the future to make them believe in something.  Three main features of architectural animation are demonstrativeness, attractiveness and reality. We can create animated movie demonstrating architectural body or unit in set directions, from a bird view, panoramic view, or macro view with different camera techniques including shots, angles, framing, movement, focus, white balance, composition, lighting and other experiments.

Interior design

We build virtual interior model of the building and fill it with furniture and fixture. You follow contemporary, se-mi classical or classical style? It is not a big problem, because we have a large furniture library to satisfy your need. If you want to use your own furniture design, we already have talented 3D artists to help you turn 2D elevation into 3D models. We also put emphasis on lighting and choosing the right point of view to expose the proper arrangement in your design, as well as the comfort of the apartments or the dynamic atmosphere of shopping centers.

High quality images are provided in digital format. Animations are available in DVD format. We also provide High Definition on Bluray.

Exterior design

We can create a virtual model of the exterior of your building or development with exact dimensions and right materials attached. We also build the surrounding streetscape or landscape, adding cars, people, street furniture, signage…to give the breath of life to the scene. Every single part of life are put into careful consideration: color; movement; wind; sunlight; water; etc, to increase the degree of “real” for the scene. From here we can high quality still image or making movie to show off your project.

High quality images are provided in digital format. Animations are available in DVD format. We also provide High Definition on Bluray.


3D Architectural Visualization and Animation is not only useful in term of marketing tool; it also helps to gain the construction permission from the Authorities. 3D renderings are advantageous because they can transform all the aspects of a project from complicated 2D elevations into a very easy-to-understand form – a movie with beautiful landscape, relaxing sound and music. You can also choose to emphasis on the most impressive and heavily invested parts of your project, which 2D elevations have to raise the white flag. Architectural Animation, therefore, can influence the council’s perception in a positive way because as it is said “The whole exceeds the sum of its parts”.

High quality images are provided in digital format. Animations are available in DVD format. We also have High Definition on Bluray for .


Address: 170 Đe La Thanh, Đong Đa, Ha Noi
Hotline: (84)4.668.04539 -(84)

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